Maintenance Engineer (Saudi National)

Planning and undertaking of scheduled Maintenance of the facilities
Overseeing all Installations, Repairs and upkeep operations of the facilities
Maintain a stable work environment by ensuring all maintenance on critical support equipment’s Elevators, HVAC, Electrical, Generator, Firefighting, Pumps Etc., equipment is working as expected capacity.
Ensuring compliance with Health and Safety legislation of work force and the facilities
Develop plan for Business Continuity Management (BCM) to ensure there are no outbreak that affects the business and customers on the operations.
Tracking expenses, assigning schedules to the team.
Responding promptly on the breakdowns on the various facilities with accepted down time.
Negotiates contracts with vendors and maintain vendor relationships
Develop and Maintain strong relationships with Client, Customers and subordinates
Attending meeting with clients, customers and contractors
Responsible for Renovations or refurbishments on the facilities
Develop the Maintenance budgets and cost efficiency programs such as Energy and Water saving both for the company, Customers and the Stakeholders
Creating and Implementing maintenance procedures.
Communicate directly with customers to understand project requirements, goals, design specifications, and operational environments in order to evaluate cost, feasibility, and implementation.
Sound knowledge of AutoCAD and CAFM program

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